It is the great opportunity to any individual that they are getting the main benefits of playing the our RB88 games online without moving to here and there. Online gamble at our mobile version offers a popular game of roulette which can be played on the internet.

Currently, there are many sports betting sites available to choose and have fun. All websites offer various types of money making and entertainment programs for gamblers. Among other things, RB88 is one of the sports betting services and online games on the market. This site has become more popular among players. This site is excellent and better than other casino sites.


The Main Website RB88


Our casino is based on a variety of gaming platforms such as Playtech and Inplay Matrix, the world’s two largest online game software providers, as well as two powerful and advanced software companies. Aimed at providing attractive and innovative solutions.

About Inplay Matrix (IM):

Inplay Matrix has been in the sports betting and entertainment industry for years. In 2017, Inplay Matrix established their e-sports betting brand, E-SPORTS, combining esports and sports betting to create a whole new market! Widely acclaimed by the new generation of players, they are now leaders of the esports betting industry.

IM E-SPORTS has the most professional esports team, providing complete and accurate match-related information and odds. They also have a betting playground that players from Asia can easily bet on the betting site. IM E-SPORTS provides people with the most professional and complete esports competitions. The team behind IM E-SPORTS includes professional esports players. Their creations and developments have created a perfect esports betting platform, giving you a great betting experience.

About Playtech:

If you are a new slot game player, and are looking to learn about the most popular game publisher today, the answer you will receive will be PLAYTECH.

Playtech is truly a big brother in the field of online casino. Founded in 1999 by a group of experienced casino, programming and media entrepreneurs, the Playtech publisher has been officially licensed since 2001. The company has been constantly trying to grow to become one of the top international online casino providers. Currently, Playtech is operating in 20 different countries with more than 120 licenses issued by the competent authority.


Gambling has been done for a long time. Over the years, activities have revolutionized. This is what led to the birth of online casinos.

RB88 is an online casino as well as a betting site that you can easily find by searching the internet. It not only offers sports betting but also other services for players such as live online casino games. In live casino games, there are more than 100 slot machines and internet games for players. This is considered a modern site, where you can get a great gaming experience & more unique than before.

This is a significant progress and it has brought some benefits to the world. This option saves time and gives players the comfort of playing indoors. However, there are only a few who get the most out of playing online. Games that can be played here include Poker, Roulette, Baccarat.


Registering RB88 account is very simple, just 3 steps.

  • Step 1: Visit the homepage. Then click the REGISTER button.
  • Step 2: Continue to click the Register button. When there is 1 window will open, please enter information according to instructions including full name, date of birth, username, password, secret question, email address, phone number;
  • Step 3: enter the order number (captcha) and click the confirm button. Before confirming, please review the information carefully.


Deposits. We have many different ways to send money. However, most players choose to send money via bank transfer or online transfer is more convenient than phone cards.

Withdrawal. Like all online bookmakers, we currently allow players to withdraw winnings on their bank accounts. However, such withdrawals must strictly follow the terms set by the home.


From the above, surely you can understand a bit of our level of professionalism towards the best customer experience. Certainly with the advanced technology platform and professional game production team, you will not be disappointed when playing with us. Let’s play!!!