Playson Texas – A Beautiful Town

Playson Texas – A Beautiful Town

The town of Playson, Texas is located within the Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA). This town was established in 1925 by the land grant of the LCRAA and the first house in the town was erected in 1925.


The first office of the Playson Water District was set up at the North Town Hall in 1892. The water district’s water systems are almost perfect and they deliver the water to every house in Playson. There are various water companies servicing this region including the following.

At this point in time, there are no commercial sewage facilities in Playson. Since sewage inflow into the South Platte River is very high, a drain basin is constructed at the south end of the city to handle sewage.

The Playson water system has excellent treatment facilities as mentioned above and the water is of very high quality. The city even supplies the community with free filtered tap water.

Playson has a number of important natural resources, including the Aquifer of this area. The upper aquifer is composed of sandstone. The water table is usually fairly low in Playson but at times it does rise to high levels.

The nearest major urban centre to Playson is Yellowstone, which is approximately eighty-two miles away. The nearest US Forest Service (USFS) Station is twelve miles away.

The City of Playson has a drainage basin to serve the city’s residents, business and private industries. The Playson Drainage Basin is constructed from four layers of materials.

The first layer is dry sandstone that is packed extremely tightly. This is filled with sand to an inch in thickness and then the next layer of material is then poured on top of this sand. After this, the next three layers of material are poured over the sand and topped with a finer sand layer to be packed into a compact powder.

The final layer is used to top the pressure treated sandstone and is composed of a material that may be prepared from powdered rocks or sedimentary rock. This material is used to fill in the joints between layers and also acts as a sealant to help keep the material together. Once this is done, it is then covered with another compacted material called cement which is made up of silica sand.

The Playson Drainage Basin is a large structure with a level ground level on all sides except for the south side, which is one hundred feet below the top of the basin. Most of the material is gravels and sand and is approximately a meter thick.

The first layer of material for the north side of the drainage basin is also two meters thick. The south side is only one meter thick.

Other natural formations used in construction are stone walls and stones of solid natural formations. There are large stone blocks that weigh forty tons each. These stones are used to build the footings for the major roads that are maintained by the drainage basin.

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