My Review of Fallout: Nektan

My Review of Fallout: Nektan

My review of Fallout: Nektan can be found at the end of this article. It has not only a very playable game but also gives you the feeling of really being there in the world of Fallout as you battle the horrible mutants and other dangers of the wasteland.


I first played Fallout: Nektan on PC about a year ago. It was the first Fallout game to run on my PC. The controls are very easy to get the hang of once you figure out how to use them.

The main reason I chose this game to review is because of its graphics. This is perhaps one of the most well thought out graphics ever put into a video game.

In this game you play as a Vault Dweller and you live in the deep ruins of Vault 111 in an area called The Commonwealth. You start out as a skinny teenage girl named Taylor, who wears a radiation suit. But after you get off the ship in the wastes, you find that your face is growing, that your skin is beginning to turn gray, and that you have more energy than ever before.

Now this is the way it works for the best. The way it works for me though is that the body goes from skinny to extremely fit, but it is so developed that you have problems with your clothes fitting right. So you just get some comfortable pants and wear some nice shirts. A lot of the clothing in this game is like that.

You fight various foes in this game including the Ghoulified Mutant, Mutated Ghouls, T-Rex enemies, Lasers, strange creatures like Brain Parasites, Vomit Flies, New York City State of Mind Soldiers, Airing Board Guards, Catapults, Bee Hives, and more. You see, the Great Lakes Region is a place where everything is mutated into some form of life. So creatures of all kinds exist here.

I don’t recall seeing anything like the enemies in Fallout: Nektan. And the different types of weapons really make the combat a lot more fun.

There are three different characters you can play as in this game. The first is Taylor and the second is Bonnie. The third is Lynette.

Each of these different companions has their own strengths and weaknesses. You start out with Taylor who is very skinny, but she does not go on to become super fit. After a while though she does become very fit but becomes frail when exposed to radiation. So there are times that she is not the most perfect companion, but she is there to help you and has her moments where she may win you over.

If you have played games before, you know that some of the companions come with talking points, which means that they can actually have conversations with you by pressing a button. Sometimes they do not and they talk all by themselves.

I found this a lot of fun and actually found myself chatting with some of the others throughout my own sweet time in the game. Most of them do have points that they use throughout the game, so this kept me on my toes. It gave me a chance to get into the game a little more and really enjoy what I was doing in my quest to save the world.

You might even find yourself falling in love with some of these people. It is well worth playing this game.

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