Elizabeth Warren and Hillary Clinton Should Be Concerned About Illegal Immigration

Elizabeth Warren and Hillary Clinton Should Be Concerned About Illegal Immigration

This weekend on MSNBC’s Up with Chris Hayes, the host announced that the new NBC News-Telemundo Poll showed that Latinos, which make up a majority of the U.S. population, wanted comprehensive immigration reform that addressed all issues in their lives, not just a path to citizenship. Hayes asserted that he thought, “Hillary Clinton was right in her statement that Latino voters would vote for her if she promised to put this issue to rest.” In fact, he went so far as to state that the polls show Latinos favor amnesty, yet President Obama is resisting.

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Interestingly, Hillary Clinton, after dismissing the poll, went on to suggest that her comments were meant as a compliment to the hard work of the Obama Administration and Senator John McCain, who has a strong base of Latino supporters. She stated that all of the candidates for President were “missing the mark” and suggested that she, herself, was missing the mark as well.

Of course, the argument for amnesty is that it will be difficult for us to find jobs when we start to bring in large numbers of immigrants from Mexico and Central America who have no legal status. Indeed, in June of 2020, during the midst of the recession, I asked Paul Krugman, “Why is Congress considering legalization?”

Well, of course, if we begin to bring in large numbers of immigrants from the three countries then it will be very difficult for us to find American workers. When asked about this issue, Senator John McCain said, “If you just look at the legal point of view, we don’t think there’s an advantage for the legal immigrant over somebody who’s undocumented, it’s the wages that are too low here, we have to compete with lower wages in the third world.

“On the other hand, we are free-market oriented,” he continued. “It might be better for the economy for there to be some increased flow of lower-cost labor, but there’s got to be consequences in the labor market. If you raise the minimum wage, that makes everybody lose jobs.”

June of 2020 is the month we find out whether immigration reform will pass. June of 2020 is the month in which we’ll find out whether immigration reform can pass. Therefore, you will want to watch for the poll results, which come as it seems that many polls are showing a huge gap between Democrat and Republican support.

For example, a June poll taken by CNN/ORC showed that only 56% of Democrats supported Obama’s legislation. On the other hand, a recent poll taken by Fox News found that only 35% of Republicans supported amnesty.

Another issue that concerns me is the fact that neither Elizabeth Warren nor Hillary Clinton have publicly stated that they support amnesty. When one considers that neither woman holds elected office, then one must ask, “Do they support amnesty?” If they do, then how can these candidates still be considered progressive?

As it stands today, those who run for office in order to represent their constituency, which usually means government officials and politicians, should be held accountable for anything that comes from the federal government, whether it is socialism or free enterprise. If they cannot get it right, then it would behoove them to keep quiet.

Personally, I believe that our country is headed towards a serious problem, because of the way we are running the show. We should be pushing for free enterprise, lower taxes, and lower regulation. If we could keep these issues on the table and address them appropriately, then we could be much better off.

And if we can do this, then the next generation will live in a society that has been laid to waste. Instead of making life better for the next generation, we may instead be creating a society of children of welfare recipients. Therefore, it is time for both parties to deal with this issue honestly and give the United States of America back to the people!

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