Consumer Watchdog Responds To KA Gaming

Consumer Watchdog Responds To KA Gaming

In March, a consumer advocacy group released information that alleging the makers of an auto safety device to be a “bad actor” for selling car accessories for cars manufactured by Japanese companies. And, now it appears that KA Gaming and its CEO James Steinberg have been accused of undermining a California auto safety law.

Cars are frequently involved in accidents, but some people still find fault with car owners and drivers when accidents do occur. But, to the outrage of some, car owners have the right to be able to determine how to best protect their vehicles from possible damage, as well as to give instructions on how they would like their vehicles repaired.

According to a consumer advocacy group called Consumer Watchdog, a lot of car owners might prefer to put their trust in an auto accessory manufacturer to take care of the car maintenance tasks for them. However, this does not happen. In a public press release, Consumer Watchdog claims that KA Gaming and its CEO James Steinberg have been accused of failing to follow California law.

The group claims that KA Gaming did not meet the requirements for security clearance by requiring that its CEO present a certification with a background check. The report claimed that Steinberg failed to follow this requirement when he was the company’s Chief Executive Officer. However, the group went on to say that the CEO did not follow the required security clearance requirements when he left the company.

This means that KA Gaming and its CEO have been accused of evading California law in order to avoid disclosing their security clearance background checks, thereby allowing the company to mislead California consumers. According to the statement, KA Gaming must now provide certified information about its CEO and to immediately suspend business in California until it complies with California law.

Consumer Watchdog claims that it was only because of China that the law on security clearance was not enforced in the United States. The group believes that the Chinese government does not allow American companies to give security clearance to CEOs of Asian companies. This makes it so that the US automobile industry does not need to do security clearance checks.

While China is not known as a country with strict security standards, the group says that KA Gaming and its CEO did not follow this nation’s laws when they were handling the auto accessories supplied by KA Gaming to a Chinese manufacturer. According to the group, Steinberg’s agreement with the Chinese company also violated the same state law.

Consumers in California, who do not have insurance or other forms of protection, will likely benefit from the California law that requires car manufacturers to disclose security details before selling products to a specific region or nation. In an interview with Consumer Watchdog, Consumer Watchdog CEO John Simpson said that if the Chinese companies did not adhere to this security law, then consumers should not have to worry about exposing their personal information. If a car accessory maker like KA Gaming wanted to sell cars in California, but failed to provide California residents with proper security features, then that company should be fined.

Consumer Watchdog believes that if the California law allows California residents to demand security checks before receiving car accessories from a certain manufacturer, then KA Gaming should be required to provide the same to all customers in California. This way, California residents will have more safety in mind when looking for auto accessories.

What is currently known is that KA Gaming has not yet confirmed to the group that it has complied with the law or that it has completed its investigation of its own. However, given the statements by Consumer Watchdog, it does appear that the group may soon get a chance to test this claim.

Consumer Watchdog has already conducted investigations in two other auto safety product manufacturers before to reveal the dangers of not following international regulations on security. But, this time, the group will be taking the opportunity to test the claims that KA Gaming was violating a state law and also to ascertain if there was any wrongdoing by the Chinese company, Dongfeng Industries.

Consumer Watchdog believes that the harm that has been done to Californians by not complying with the rules imposed by China and Chinese automakers may be another reason why the United States must pass new laws to regulate this country. And, now that California residents can demand more security checks from car manufacturers, it will be more important than ever to make sure that the rules are followed.

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