Can You Make Money With Bit8?


Can You Make Money With Bit8?

I’m a Bit8 fan, by the way. You may also know me as someone who likes some of their work. I was looking at the product line and was amazed at how simple it was to set up a personal server. But the problem was that while Bit8 has a nice product line they don’t seem to have much competition in the PC business.

This is something I’ve thought about often and one of my old hands gave me this advice: “You can go after these companies for everything they’re not providing. And you will be able to do this very quickly.”

Of course, this is a very old huckster tip and may not be applicable today. After all, there’s no one in the industry that will wimp out if you’re paying for something that they don’t offer. But the analogy is a little bit off when it comes to using Bit8 servers. They are, for the most part, offering something that’s “open source” software that is available to anyone.

However, you do have to figure out how you’re going to make the server profitable. There are other places you can find free hosting and it would be foolish to assume that you’ll be able to charge people for this service. On the other hand, you’ll probably want to charge a monthly fee for a domain name and hosting, so you have to figure out what that will be.

If you’re not doing this yourself, you might need to hire a designer or a programmer to help you with the code and design the site. This is only appropriate if you have a plan that works for you and the product. In this case, you should contact Bit8 and see if they can handle your needs for your personal site.

Another thing that you’ll need to think about is how you’ll get new customers. While there are a lot of options out there in the market, I don’t think they’re all that competitive. I’ll give you some names.

First, Google does a great job of generating free web traffic. Of course, you have to pay for AdWords ads and this isn’t something I’m going to get into. It just means that the Google ad network can really generate some traffic, particularly in the social media realm.

Next, you might want to consider building a website and submitting it to the major search engines, such as Yahoo and MSN. This is going to generate some organic traffic, especially if you have a theme or a number of links that promote your website. The traffic might even drive you a few sales!

Perhaps the best way to make money online is through advertising. The downside to this is that you have to spend a lot of money to get new customers. The upside is that there are a lot of places that can get you traffic without charging a penny.

For example, many of the search engine marketing companies have sponsored content sites and allow advertisers to place ads that appear on these sites. Of course, this is not a free option, but a number of the bigger companies are willing to do this for you for a small fee.

One last option is to use AdSense to run ads on actual websites. For a small fee, you’ll be able to put ads on several sites including mine.

Whatever route you take, you’ll get results if you’re persistent and don’t give up. You just have to be prepared to work hard. Working hard is part of the whole game.

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