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WHOS-IN - Testimonials

(Genuine comments from some of the 800,000+ real people using WHOS-IN)

03 Aug 2011 - 'This is the third office'...
that I support that is running WHOS-IN. It's amazing how quickly people learn to like it a lot!
S Fry, Manitoba Legislative Assembly, Winnipeg, MB, Canada

03 Jun 2011 - 'WHOS-IN is exactly what we have been looking for'...
We are going to implement this on our network as soon as possible. (now they have - Ed)
M Stollar, Phend & Brown, Milford, IN, USA

02 Jun 2011 - 'WHOS-IN is working well, and I thank you for it.'
E Young, ECS, San Diego, CA, USA


29 Apr 2011 - 'Thanks for a wonderful product'
J Mason, Metro Dev. & Housing Agency, Nashville, TN, USA

01 Apr 2011 - 'WHOS-IN was so much easier to install'...
than our last software, and we have found it to be very useful. The boss is happy with it, and found it to be a breeze to use. In fact it hasn't played up (malfunctioned) on us once.
S Berry, Sealing Solutions, Carrum Downs, Vic, Australia

13 Mar 2011 - 'Dear WHOS-IN creators'...
The City of Springfield uses WHOS-IN, and I've found it very helpful in connecting with other users in our organization. It saves me time in walking to the other end of City Hall, only to find an empty chair.
J Driscoll, City of Springfield, OR, USA

08 Mar 2011 - 'Great in out board'.
WHOS-IN is easy to use, requires little training, and does what we want.
J Bar, SST, Winsted, CT, USA

11 Feb 2011 - 'Thank you so much - love the product!'
N Jevric, Swedish Match, Mulgrave, Vic, Australia

25 Jan 2011 - 'Fast easy setup, great application'.
Virtually no user training required.
D Mitchell, Golder Associates, Auckland, New Zealand

24 Jan 2011 - 'We have used WHOS-IN since 2001'
Just upgraded - easy transaction, and great product support. Thanks.
S Hunter, Rauland Borg Corp, Alamonte Springs, FL, USA

15 Nov 2010 - 'Our staff love WHOS-IN'...
It gives them all the info they need quickly and easily. I can't think of anything it's missing!
T Seabrooke, Family Care, Peterborough, UK.

08 Oct 2010 - 'We have used WHOS-IN for over 10 years now...'
It’s been a great tool keep track of who is in the office so that time is not wasted trying to track someone down who is not in. It doesn’t take too many excursions by employees trying to find someone who is not in the building to pay for the software. Of course this kind of tool has to be accepted and used by the employees to be useful. The software is easy to use and as our company has grown from 15 employees to almost 40 it has become even more valuable and used by everyone in the company.
R Chave, ASL Environmental, Victoria, BC, Canada

24 Sep 2010 - 'We have used WHOS-IN for many years now...'.
and absolutely love the product. When will you develop an iPhone App?
(We can't yet. The Microsoft development tools don't support any Apple platforms)
J Morris, ESD 132, Pasco, WA, USA

15 Jul 2010 - 'Thanks for the product'.
I found out about WHOS-IN when I was with Broome Shire.
P Steven, Northam Shire, Northam, WA, Australia

13 Jul 2010 - 'I have previously purchased WHOS-IN when working for Westoil Petroleum and ATB Morton'.
I've changed jobs again but need to know if WHOS-IN works with Windows 7 - 64 bit ? (Yes it does).
B Collins, Oberon Council, Oberon, NSW, Australia

11 Jun 2010 - 'We've had a 25 user WHOS-IN since 2000...'.
How much to upgrade to the latest version ? (Cost is AU$5 per user)
Al G, Johnson Smith Architects, Ocala, FL, USA

08 Jun 2009 - 'Thanks, great product'.
D Asher, Waivestar, Preston, Vic, Australia

08 Jun 2010 - 'We need more users...'
We currently have 350 users. Can you send me a quote to add some more please? It has been a long time since we last ordered more.  How's everything going for you? I know there are now several Regional Centers using WHOS-IN since we started way back in 1998. Thanks !!!
V LaBarge, San Gabriel Pomona Regional Center, Pomona, CA, USA

27 May 2010 - 'We've had WHOS-IN for years and are very happy'.
Does current version support Windows 7 ? (Yes, it does - Hudson Software).
G Marsh, Sacramento County, Sacramento, CA, USA

19 May 2010 - 'One of your log time (and happy) customers'.
We need to upgrade, as it is a very valuable tool. I also need to add 2 more offices to our license.
S Loghry, First National Bank of Tennessee, Livingston, TN, USA

20 Apr 2010 - 'Our company has found our WHOS-IN trial very useful'.
Please let me know how we can sign up.
J Oxley, The Old Brewery, Castle Eden, UK.

20 Jan 2011 - 'Everyone in the office (using the software) absolutely loves how it works'.
J Cousino, New Hampshire Public Defenders Office, Concord, NH, USA

26 Jul 2010 - 'Love the software!'.
J Vogt, Tri-State Fabricators, Amelia, OH, USA

11 Dec 2009 - 'Congrats... good job... well done... Excellent software!'.
We will be purchasing soon.
Al G, Johnson Smith Architects, Ocala, FL, USA

31 Aug 2009 - 'A lot of bang for your buck'.
Wonderful program, excellent and fast support. Extremely reasonable price. What more could you ask for.
Michelle S, Smith Barta, Canton, OH, USA

28 Aug 2009 - 'Great utility! Takes status boards to the next level'.
Simple to use with nice and colorful avatars (Icons).
bookert (via cNet)

18 Aug 2009 - 'Does exactly as it claims, easy and great support'.
Pros: Great for all sized organizations. Can be used for shared resources (cars, meeting rooms) as well as staff. Auto status updates linked to user logon/logoff. Exceptional tech support (in Australia at least). Unobtrusive, not hungry.

Cons: The interface could look a little slicker.. needs a bit of a corporate look overhaul, skins, or optional layouts.

Summary: it doesn't affect other programs or the computer, it can be run from a logon script, and it's very handy in multi-staff environments.

Michael James, MJ Comtech, Mt Barker, SA, Australia

21 Jul 2009 - 'As simple or sophisticated as you want it to be'.
Pros: I said it all, WHOS-IN is very powerful and very flexible. i can't think of how to improve on it any more without running the risk of weighing it down. I see what i want, my people know each others schedules, and the receptionist is doing her job.
Summary: Love it. I almost never recommend any tool, but if you find this one and you can't make it work get out of IT.
ranaya13 via

01 Feb 2009 - 'My favorite out of MANY choices'. There were several IN/OUT board choices out there and frankly this "Caught my eye" first. The look of the program, simple colors, large icons, and easy operation for even the most inexperienced personnel. Installation was a breeze! Just drop the Install folder on your public network folder, point the clients to the user.exe file and voila! They're installed - automatically added to the database. I installed the software according to the instructions and before I knew it I had one of our office staff performing admin functions. I knew then I didn't have to wait a week to see if everyone liked it. It's perfect for our office. Thank You!
Sean C, Simplex Grinnell, Shrevport, LA, USA

14 Nov 2008 - 'Best money spent for the features'. We have been using Whos-In for 5 years. We have 35 users. Great product. Glad we found it and threw away the magnetic board next to the receptionist. Much easier to use and the features are great. Greg does great with support if you need it. What we like: Customizable. Intuitive enough that even the most inept end-users can figure things out. Automatic login/logout. Support from company is first rate. Cost versus Value per user. Presence sensor feature. Alert Feature. wirthlesshack

10 Sep 2008 - WHOS-IN has become a winner in our little neck of the woods. Everyone just loves it, especially our girls at the front counter.
Wolf Norkowski, IT Support Officer, Kangaroo Island Council, SA, Australia

25 Aug 2008 - 'Just what we were looking for'. Very functional, very small and easy to configure. I have wasted so much time trying to make other products work for our organisation but this one was just add some users and start using it.
Mikhael S, West Coast Regional Council, Greymouth, New Zealand

20 Aug 2008 - Whosin is one of the best network utilities we have ever used. Thanks for a great product.
Tim Jack, Crossroads Bible Church, Bellevue, WA, USA

24 Apr 2008 - I went looking for exactly what you describe - a software with a simple In/Out notification for us to use in the office. WHOS-IN was the first Google hit and I just started at the top of the list. To be totally honest, when I saw your software, I didn't return to Google to look at the other results - I knew I'd found what I was looking for, and then some. A fantastic job of design and implementation all around, and an absolutely brilliant program. I am truly impressed! Kudos!
D Yalden, Director of IT, Chattanooga Boiler & Tank, TN, USA

06 Feb 2008 - I am retiring at the end of this month, and would just like to thank you for all your assistance with WHOS-IN since we first purchased in 1998. I really enjoyed working with you, and your great product. You will no doubt be hearing from my successor in the near future.
Roger Burbage, Federal Public Defenders Office, Raleigh, NC, USA

24 Jan 2008 - We are getting our system ready once again for our summer camp. We have used WHOS-IN for two years so far to track our campers locations and it has been a great success. Thanks again for this great program and your help a few years ago in getting us the licenses we needed. Your help has enabled our kids to have much more free time at camp - checking in and out at stations is now much quicker than paper, pencils, and radios. We are also the talk of the camp because we are the group that comes in each year and wires the entire campus with ethernet computer cables and connects the different areas. The camp director has been quite interested in how we are doing this. I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't have his camp permanently wired in the next few years.
Stacey Smith, First Baptist Church Spartanburg, SC, USA

06 Jan 2008 - We have used Whos-In Pro for almost 3 years now. It has been one of my least-touched pieces of software in that it functions flawlessly. I almost forget that it is not part of the operating system because I never have to worry about it. It just functions – period. It starts up for users as part of their logon script and I never have to worry about it, except to mark myself out on lunch. It was a breeze to install and even easier to use. I can’t imagine not having it on our systems and I am unsure of how we got by before installing it.
D Hartigan, Michigan Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence, Okemos, MI, USA

18 Dec 2007 - Our staff LOVE your WHOS-IN program here. We are in two buildings, and not being able to tell who was here or not was a constant cause of irritation for people. And I love it because it is so beautifully simple and flexible. It makes me wonder if you come from a Unix background?
Ann Cochrane, Community Child Care Co-Op, Marrickville NSW, Australia.
Author Comment: No Unix background. Strictly Visual Basic on Windows. Greg Hudson

13 Dec 2007 - Praise for your product:
We previously had a custom built In out board on Lotus notes which our users loved however when it came time to shutting it down we needed to find another product which provided easy customization and very little support from the help desk. WHOS-IN was one of many products evaluated and it proved to be very easy to setup and customize. Our users love it and the only time we hear from them is when they want more licenses.
John Ashute, IT Support, Knox City Council, Melbourne, Australia

21 June 2007 - WAYSS is a community based organization providing housing and support services. We have been using your WHOS-IN Pro for approximately 12 months, and in this time, it has changed the way we operate. WHOS-IN Pro provides us with an accurate representation of staff that are onsite at any given time as well as the scheduled return time for staff that are offsite, a necessity from both an Occupational Health and Safety perspective as well as a customer service perspective. I would personally like to thank Hudson Software for your ongoing support which is always provided promptly if not immediately. WHOS-IN Pro is an excellent product and is perfectly suited to our needs.
Jacinta Davey, WAYSS Ltd, Dandenong, Vic, Australia.

30 May 2007 - As a corporate customer of Hudson Software's WHOS-IN since July 2001, our staff are extremely pleased with the way your product performs. With the ease of use, the simplicity of the program interface, the speed with which our staff can keep the company updated on their status and location, and the stability of the program, we would, and have, recommended WHOS-IN to a number of our business partners and clients. For the couple of minor issues and questions we've had over the last 6 years of use of the product, your support and prompt response to our queries has always been first rate and very much appreciated. We were very fortunate to locate a reference to your program on the the Internet 6 years ago, and want to extend a big thank you to all the years of great performance and service during the ensuing years. Hats off to Hudson!!!  Once again, thanks so much for the prompt response and service. If only all our software suppliers were like you, I'd be a happy camper!
S Hanna, Keystone Environmental, Burnaby, BC, Canada.

25 May 2007 - We are now using the 'Vistafied' version (2007-05B) on both our XP and Vista workstations, and it looks good. You have done a great job with it. Keep up the good work.
Cesar F, Babcock Eagleton, Houston, TX, USA.
(WHOS-IN user since Dec 2000)

22 May 2007 - I have just submitted an order for 30 licenses of WHOS-IN Pro. The trial has been very successful with a unanimous decision to purchase the product.
Fiona S, Orana Inc, Black Forest, SA, Australia.
(Fiona used WHOS-IN previously at University of South Australia)

11 May 2007 - You score highly in two categories... Quality of product, and quickness of problem resolution. Please feel free to give my name out as a reference.
Frank Young, Jackson County, WA, USA.
(User since May 2002)

10 May 2007 - We have learned to rely heavily on Who's In. We love your program.
Weldon H, Sun Flooring, Daphne, AL, USA

19 April 2007 - We've been using WHOS-IN for years (since July 2004) - greatest software value ever!
Geoff M, Sacramento County, Sacramento, CA, USA
(Just upgraded to 130 user WHOS-IN Pro 2007 - Ed.)

11 April 2007 - Good work on the WHOS-IN software by the way, we find it invaluable here. It enables our receptionists to easily track who's available in tech support and on which products (we support Autodesk software).
Melinda D, ADACAD, Brisbane, Australia

31 March 2007 - Keep up the great work, we really rely on this program to save a lot of time
Steve L, First National Bank, Livingston, TN, USA
(6 bank branches running WHOS-IN)

08 Jun 2006 - We love WHOS-IN and are very happy we purchased your software.
Lisa, Coastal Pipeline Products, Calverton, NY, USA

01 Jun 2006 - We've been using WHOS-IN for a while now, and really like it.
C Thomsen, Port of Long Beach, CA, USA

01 Jun 2006 - WHOS-IN is a pretty nifty product. I've found it especially helpful for knowing when folks are out on leave, or not at their desks.
E Armin, Director of IT, AGBUC, Washington DC, USA

12 May 2006 - I like WHOS-IN - nice job. I got rid of an Exchange server that had a custom In/Out Board and replaced it with your software which I found to be the best out of the others that I tried last month. It's like what we had as far as info, but with alerts, more colorful and well... better.
K Kaplan, Spectrum Design, Roanoke, VA, USA

09 May 2006 - Hello - Its been a while, hope all is well. My users still love this program.
M Campbell, Anderson DuBose, Solon, OH, USA

08 May 2006 - I have used the WHOS-IN program in my previous job and agree that it is an excellent program for knowing where staff are. I am now interested in convincing the University of Queensland to purchase it too. (And now they have)
J Douglas, University of Qld, Ipswich, Qld, Australia

05 May 2006 - We are very happy with WHOS-IN.
G Smith, Data Action, Unley, SA, Australia

03 May 2006 - You are extremely responsive with any assistance we have ever needed in the past. Thank you for a great program.
B Burgard, MIS, ERA Shields Real Estate, Colorado, USA

03 May 2006 - WHOS-IN is perfect for us, and just what we were looking for. The Recreation Minister is impressed with the program too. (300 user license purchased)
S Smith, First Baptist Church, Spartanburg, SC, USA

07 Apr 2006 - We are extremely impressed with your software and the ease of its implementation.
S Rizzo, RJE Telecom, Fort Myers, FL, USA

29 Mar 2006 - I congratulate you on finding a tool that everyone can find a use for, and for making it work so well. Our renewal date is coming up soon, and would like to install updated versions of WHOS-IN for another year. Thanks again for your expertise, and your valuable tool.
R Newton, Herpers Gowling LLP, Hamilton, ON, Canada

29 Mar 2006 - Re bug report: Your service and response times are very good. Most vendors don't even get back to me with an acknowledgement of receipt of the issue in the same amount of time you have tested and resolved the problem. Thanks again for your help.
A Bowyer, Shellharbour Council, NSW, Australia

09 Mar 2006 - WHOS-IN is sweet, and has indeed saved us a bunch of time / effort over the old 'chalk board'. Great product, and excellent support.
M Lansberry, MDI Inc, Dover, PA, USA

08 Mar 2006 - You might remember me, the company I work for purchased WHOS-IN a while back - it might have been 1998 or even earlier, and it still runs great. We are just so happy with our install and it's ease of use that we haven't needed to upgrade. I've kept the WHOS-IN zip file in a folder on my hard drive and it's actually been copied from drive to drive as I've upgraded my work PC. I've never had to reinstall it on our server since the configuration is system independent. We've upgraded the server that WHOS-IN is on probably about 4 times since we bought it.

An associate asked me about purchasing WHOS-IN for the company where his wife works - that's why I checked your website and contacted you. I'll let the IT guy know that the latest version can be customized enough to streamline it's operation. Thank you for your quick response. You are the first and only programmer I've ever actually corresponded with about a commercial software product.

WHOS-IN has really done a great job for us. Thank you for creating such a well designed program. I can't remember the last time I've had to repair our Who's-In database - it's been very reliable. I'll read through the feature list for your latest version to see if we might need any of the new features. It might be that we could use the upgrade.

By the way, your program is part of our lingo here where I work. We say 'did you check WHOS-IN' or 'What about WHOS-IN' like second nature, when we're looking for someone.
J Shickley, Janotta & Herner Inc, Monroeville, OH, USA

23 Feb 2006 - We're enjoying using WHOS-IN. It does have a lot of features.
S Jordan, Gibbs & Soell, Raleigh, NC, USA

22 Feb 2006 - I like WHOS-IN - worth the $
J Tucker, Jackson & Tucker, Birmingham, AL, USA

22 Feb 2006 - You have been very prompt and great to work with - we truly appreciate it.
J Tran, Multnomah County, Portland, OR, USA

15 Feb 2006 - Glad to hear you are now the leader in the In-Out Board software field. I am not surprised though, because the the software is so user friendly and the support is about the best I have seen in the software business. Great job Hudson Software. (User since Dec 2000)
C Flores, Eagleton Inc, Houston, TX, USA

02 Nov 05 - We have been testing your product within the office, which has proved to be successful and a very handy tool. (Now running full version at 2 sites)
S Reilly, Desktop Services Analyst, Harrow Council, London, U.K.

01 Nov 05 - I would first like to thank you for having such a program on the market, and appreciate the value of being able to better manage my human resources. Simply put, this program is leaps and bounds ahead of anything else on the market, and even surprised me with some of its features (like using a users exchange mailbox to send messages from within WHOS-IN), that was really cool.
B Whittaker, IT Administrator, Longreach Shire Council, QLD, Australia

12 Oct 05 - I really do like the quick right click options in the System Tray. Also wanted to say that I've been reading some more of the updates, and that's very cool how the icons are now, such as the screen saver, and locked screen are showing up. Thanks for the continuous improvements and the very fair price.
S Loghry, NetAdmin, First National Bank of Tennessee, Livingston, TN, USA

12 Oct 05 - I love working with you guys - perhaps you could give lessons to the too-many other vendors that are difficult to do business with?
D Guzauckas Jr, HB Group, North Haven, CT, USA

07 Oct 05 - We purchased WHOS-IN back in May 05. We have been extremely happy with the way the program works, and it has proven itself to be very useful within our organization.
F Mengert, Director of IT, GBAC, North Haven, CT, USA

23 Sept 05 - We have used the Who's-In product for nearly 5 years now and it has become a tool that our 200+ users just cannot live without. With having offices in different countries, it allows staff at each location to know when people are in the office, lunch, etc. We have also integrated it into our Citrix Metaframe published desktop, allowing our telecommuters to keep track of the status of people they work with. We have easily upgraded the product at least four times to take advantage of new features that are routinely added. Our favorite features are "display photo" which allows a user to right click on a users name and display a picture of the person and "status tracking" so that we are alerted when that certain person we are waiting on returns from lunch, etc. A fabulously simple product with a low cost of ownership. You won't find a better product or support on the market.
D Switzer, International Medical Group, Indianapolis, IN, USA

16 Sept 05 - WHOS-IN is my lifeline on where people are.
T Pellegrino, Receptionist, Numark Inc, Cumberland, RI, USA

09 Sept 05 - had an idea today - I have been using the "Status Alert" feature (which is absolutely brilliant). It would be nice to put a "Remove Status Alert" (or some other more appropriate wording) button on the Status Alert pop-up window. Right now, you can hit "Cancel" to remove the alert window, but you still have to go back in manually and remove the alert. It would be a time saver to have a button right on the pop-up window to cancel the alert if it is no longer needed (which is usually the case). ( Now included - Author )
G Martin, IT Support, Skyline Roofing, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

07 Sept 05 - We started using your program 2 weeks ago and it is a joy to work with.
A Stresemann, Greenwich, CT, USA

29 Aug 05 - Overall, most staff found WHOS-IN simple to use and said it proved helpful when they needed to contact their colleagues.
A Vigor, Womens & Childrens Hospital, Adelaide, SA, Australia

03 Aug 05 - The staff love the program.
R Sovel, CIC, MCIA Inc, Northville, MI, USA

03 Aug 05 - WHOS-IN and Citrix work great together - I love the setup, it can't get any simpler. I'm not quite sure how it is working so well though? All I did was publish the user.exe and my users set themselves up, and the next time that they launch the user.exe it knows who they are. I really like the program.
R Griep, Argent Corp, North Trenton, LA, USA

30 Jul 05 - I am surprised at how quickly my office adapted to WHOS-IN, and how much it is relied upon. I really think this program will suit us well. What a wonderful concept!
M Huey, City of Akron, OH, USA

22 Jun 05 - This is a real neat piece of software.
K Cochrane, WinePress Publishing, Enumclaw, WA, USA

15 Jun 05 - Love the program, especially the ability to track changes in Status.
G Valentine, Easy Picker Golf Products, Lehigh Acres, FL, USA

03 Jun 05 - You have been extremely helpful, and I think the system is now working exactly as we would like. I've been promoting WHOS-IN to others on campus, and I really appreciate everything you've done for us.
A Phillips, Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS, USA

20 May 05 - Wonderful product! Have used it in our office for almost a year. Great Support. Great Price. Great Product.

20 May 05 - WHOS-IN is an excellent program and I think the cost is very reasonable.
N Cottier, IT Mgr, Hydraulic Specialties, Auckland, New Zealand

20 May 05 - Everyone at the office is very happy with WHOS-IN. Thumbs up.
M Carmichael, SJO, Portland, OR, USA

12 May 05 - Very quick customer support. Works fine. No problems.

27 Apr 05 - I like the pop ups that occur when you wish to be notified of a persons status change, and when you get a new message.
Phil Light, LGA, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

22 Apr 05 - Excellent interface, easy to use, exactly what we needed. The product is scaleable from large to small offices. We were looking for an inexpensive in/out board and got some added features (message and email) that made it the perfect choice. It is a complete program that functions excellently and is easy to install.
J Butler, Connecting Point of Indiana, South Bend, IN, USA

16 Apr 05 - The new WHOS-IN features look really great - it's an awesome work utility.
Robert MacNiven, CIS, Wavefront, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

08 Apr 05 - I'm sure you hear this all the time, but it is a real treat to deal with such a responsive vendor (especially as we are a small company). After almost twenty years in the computer industry, it is refreshing to have a software company respond to (and actually take action on!) suggestions and problems. Congratulations once again on a job well done.
Glen Martin, CNE, ASE, IT Support Services, Skyline Roofing, Calgary, AB, Canada

06 Apr 05 - This WHOS-IN is a great product. Someone here in the office had done some research on In/Out board software and recommended a product from Glass Bead Software. I tried to install it and it just gave me problems. Plus, I knew I was going to have to do an install on everyone's desktop. Not exactly a desired option, so I did some research of my own and found your software. Wow. More features, better installation on the workstations, you name it, it was a hands down choice.
Robert Hancox, Assistex Inc, San Antonio, Texas, USA

02 Apr 05 - Our entire firm is very pleased with your software. We are excited for every new release to see what new features you incorporate. Keep up the fantastic work!
Gabe Abramson, Brelje and Race Consulting Engineers, Santa Rosa, CA, USA

02 Apr 05 - I just completed the WHOS-IN upgrade (from 2003 to 2005) and the new version looks AWESOME! I like the things that you put in for upgrading to a new version, like remotely shutting down the user.exe program.
Dean Haase, Innovative Laser Technologies, Fridley, MN, USA

25 Mar 05 - We're a 50 seat call centre and use WHOS-IN to ensure that agents are on time and only take their breaks when they should. The company management love the product, it's made their lives a lot easier! Again, thanks for the product. Management are very happy with it and as we grow (which we will be in the next couple of months to a 100 seat call centre) we will no doubt be buying more licenses.
S Hewett, Freedom Finance, Norwich, U.K.

21 Mar 05 - Thank you very much for a great product, it was EXACTLY what we needed!
D Hartigan, Michigan Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence, Okemos, MI, USA

15 Mar 05 - Keep up the great work with your WHOS-IN product.
M Sutherland, Stark and Marsh Chartered Accountants, SK, Canada

15 Mar 05 - I would like to compliment you on the WHOS-IN software. Everyone here loves it.
Eric Magers, Project Manager, Vaughn Industries, Carey, OH, USA

11 Mar 05 - Overall the 2005 Pro version is a good product. It is a good update on the 2003 version. Having the username-login name linkage is a great feature.
Allen H, Central Valley Regional Center, California, USA.

25 Jan 05

I have heard nothing but good things about this software from my employees and we have been using it less than 4 hours. Why couldn't I come up with this idea ? ;-)
Robert Ayala III, Davis Bews Design Group, Oldsmar, FL, USA.

23 Jan 05 - We have been using WHOS-IN for the past 10 years and find it to be an invaluable tool for keeping the whereabouts of our staff, with this info available to all staff. This is a rock solid product and very easy to install and get up and running.
Gordon Milne, Moore Stephens HL, Brisbane, Qld, Australia.

We have been using your WHOS-IN software for several months now. Everyone loves it, and it makes tracking our employees much more easy than the old board on the wall. Friday the database was corrupted, and the admin program failed to correct it. I checked your web site and found an update that quickly fixed the problem.
We have records software that cost us thousands of dollars, and we pay many thousands yearly for support, and we don't get problems fixed as quickly (or as correctly, often a fix breaks something else) as from your company. I am looking forward to the next release. Just wanted to say thanks for the great product and excellent support.
Leonard Montgomery, Capt. Investigations Division Commander
North Little Rock Police Dept. North Little Rock, AR, USA

NOTE: Support for WHOS-IN is 100% FREE - always has been, even for the freeware version. Updates are also free for the first 12 months. (G Hudson)

This is the BEST and EASIEST software! Our staff really like it and I had no problem customizing the buttons for our company.
Barbara Elgin, HR Manager, Vernon and District Credit Union, B.C., Canada.

G'Day Greg. I wanted to personally express our gratitude for WHOS-IN. It has made a world of difference in our day to day workings. Our office is split into two suites and just happen to be located at the opposite ends of the building. Who's In has enabled us to more quickly track who is here to take a phone call, and to know prior to running to the other end of the building whether to expect to find someone in or not. All I can say is, thank you!
Christina S., Redmond, Washington, USA

Keep up the good work. WHOS-IN is almost perfect and very useful and easy-to-use software. Also, the support you offer exceeds expectations !
Ronald V.D.P., Flint, MI, USA

WHOS-IN is an excellent utility and we are really impressed with the speed with which you have responded to our queries and the interest you have shown in feedback about the package. It is a most refreshing change from the approach taken by pretty much all other software providers.
Andrew Usher, Edison Mission Energy, Perth, Western Australia

Our users here at Keystone, and especially myself, are thrilled with the way WHOS-IN has been performing and making our lives easier. We used to use a whiteboard on our wall at the reception desk, and it was a horror show to maintain, but this little gem is so easy to use and maintain that all our staff have jumped on board and are using it religiously. It's done everything that you claimed it would do, which is rare these days, and I just wanted to say thank you for creating such a cool program. I hope you come up with many more programs that you'll share with us computer users.
Shaun Hanna, Keystone Environmental, B.C. Canada.

Several other groups at Mississippi Power have been interested in your product, (especially with our 'mobile' workforce), and after much testing and many 'Netmeetings', WHOS-IN is now on the 'approved' list for Southern Company (America's largest Power Utility). Because WHOS-IN has now been adopted as a 'standard product', any department can now purchase a copy and have it installed on their own server (several have already done so). It has really helped our admin folks keep track of the folks in our department, and saves them a lot of 'nuisance' calls - if a person in our group needs to know where someone else is, they can look it up on WHOS-IN rather than calling Admin Support. It has really helped us keep track of folks and helps us look more professional by knowing where folks are, rather than having to tell a caller we don't know where someone is. Scotty Hutto, Energy Services Manager, Mississippi Power, Gulfport, MS USA

I think the latest release of WHOS-IN is great. The use of the system tray is a big improvement as some users would set their status and then quit the program so it would not show up on the bar. We certainly find the program very useful and I'm pleased with the quick response to any problems.
Rene Chave, ASL Environmental Sciences, Sidney, B.C., Canada

This is absolutely amazing software. We have found the WHOS-IN functionality and interface to be outstanding. If only all software was this user friendly.
Francis B. MacMillan, MCP, MacMillan Associates, Bay City, MI.

What we like best about WHOS-IN is it's simplicity. It's very easy to set up, it's not complicated to use and the end result is exactly what we want and no more. With so many other things to learn and keep us busy, this is one that's a no-brainer. My boss and I have recommended this program to many of our colleagues who were looking for the same type of program at a minimum of expense. In addition, you've been more than I expected in the area of support. So, I will continue to market for you whenever the opportunity arrives. Keep up the good work and have a great day.
Carl Saunders, IT Administrator, French Associates, Rochester, MI, USA

We are currently in the process of upgrading to the latest WHOS-IN. We have previously been using Who's-In Version 2.0 and have enjoyed great success with it's implementation. The new version will certainly make WHOS-IN an important part of our business, especially the e-mail facility and being able to change user status within your group. Thanks for a fantastic easy-to-use program and keep up the good work! Yours etc., Mathew Brook.
IT Officer, Simonds Homes, Melbourne, Vic, Australia.

WHOS-IN... we love it! We originally had a sign in/out board that gathered dust on the wall and no one EVER used. Then we tried a sign out sheet at the receptionist desk. That was even worse. This is so convenient. I do absolutely everything on my computer so to stop and write something down on my way out just didn't cut it. I was on the Internet searching for In/Out board software and a search for Who and Whereabouts came up with your companies web page. I immediately downloaded the demo and tried it. We knew what we wanted and when we saw WHOS-IN that was it. Everyone is using it faithfully. It really is a wonderful communication tool.
Dawna Nownes, Options in Community Living, HAMPTON, NH, USA

We have been using WHOS-IN successfully here for our internal staff and have now rolled it out to the remainder of the hospital. It's easy to use and really helps accomplish what your literature promises. Thank you!
Pam Stoessler, Aurora Health Care, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Some of our other WHOS-IN users include:

(Bold entries indicate Government or semi-government bodies)

Consultores Associados, Rio De Janero, Brazil
City of Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Daimler Benz Aerospace, Germany
Gearbulk, Surrey, Great Britain
Pt Korra Antarlestari, Jakarta, Indonesia
Tronix Communications, Dublin, Ireland
Incotec, Saitama, Japan
MidCentral Health, Palmerston Nth, New Zealand
Ernst & Young, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea
Sonnenberg Hoffmann Galomb, Cape Town, Sth Africa
ICI Norden AB, Goteborg, Sweden
CMD, Veenendaal, The Netherlands

ArcNet, Holmdel, NJ
Arizona Dept of Economic Security, Phoenix, AZ
BDO Seidman, Troy, MI
BizProLink Network, Fort Lauderdale, FL
Butler Rosenbury & Partners, Springfield, MO
City of Bryan, TX
Commonwealth of Kentucky, Frankfort, KY
Conway Engineering, Brookline, WA
E O Johnson & Co, WI
Federal Reserve Bank, Houston, TX
First Interstate Bank, Billings, Montana
First Com Music, Carollton, TX
Frontier Medical, Anchorage, AK
Frontier Science, Amherst, NY
Georgia Bureau of Investigation, Decatur, GA
Greater Minneapolis Convention Assoc, MN
HB Group, North Haven, CT
Hennepin County Medical Center, Minneapolis, MN
Hutchinson Community College, Hutchinson, KS
Inovonics Corp, Boulder, CO
International Medical Group, Indianapolis, IN
Linc Corporation, Birmingham, AL
Logicon, Albuquerque, NM
Los Angeles Sheriff's Dept., Inglewood, CA
Louisville Police Dept., Louisville, KY
MacMillan Associates, Bay City, MI
Martin Door Mfg, Salt Lake City, UTAH
MCI Communications, NC
Miller Romanoff Electric, Gahanna, OH
Multnomah County Dept of Community Justice, Portland, OR
North Carolina Div. Of Env. Health, Raleigh, NC
Office of the Federal Public Defender, Raleigh, NC
Options in Community Living, Hampton, NH
Paradigm, Washington DC
Pumford Construction, Saginaw, Michigan
Renew Inc, Sheridan, WY
Right Management Consultants, Memphis, TN
Salzburg Seminar, Middlebury, VT
Schroedel Scullin & Bestic, Canfield, OH
Simon Oswald Associates, Columbia, MS
State of North Dakota IT Dept, Bismark, ND
Staten Island Borough, NY
Student Cooperative Assoc, Indiana, PA
Systems Services Group, Camden, SC
Texas A&M University, TX
Universal Studios, Hollywood, CA
University of Illinois, Urbana, IL
US Air Force, Randolph AFB, TX
US House of Representatives, Washington, D.C.
US Probation Office, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
US Water, Chicago, IL
US Web, Santa Clara, CA
Verdolino & Lowey, Foxborough, MA
VG's Food Center, Fenton, MI
Villa Environmental Consultants, Benton Harbor, MI

Some of our higher profile Australian users include:

Administrative Appeals Tribunal
Alfred Hospital, Melbourne
Air New Zealand
ALP National Secretariat, Canberra
Ansett Australia
Australian Competition & Consumer Commission
Autodesk Australia
AWT Engineering
Banksia Technology
Blockbuster Australia
BP Australia Ltd.
Capricornia Electricity
Commonwealth Law Enforcement Board
Dell Computer
Coopers & Lybrand
Davids Ltd
Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu
Dept of Defence (ARMY)
Dept of Primary Industries (SA & Qld)
Duracell Australia
Ernst & Young
Federal Airports Corporation, Melbourne Airport
Fisheries Dept (WA)
Fuji-Xerox Corp
Green & Sternfeld P/L
Hervey Bay City Council QLD
Hewlett Packard - ITG
ICAC (Independent Commission Against Corruption)
Ipswich Hospital, Qld.
ICI Explosives
James Hardie
Mars Confectionery

Microsoft Australia ( yes really ! )

Murrindindi Shire Council
National Institute of Accountants
New South Wales Police
NIB Health Funds
Pratt Industries (Visy Board)
Public Transport Corporation (Vic)
Qld Corrective Services Commission
Radio 2GB, Sydney
Renison Goldfields
Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria
Rural City of Wangaratta VIC
South Pacific Tyres (Dunlop)
State Rail, NSW
Sydney Water
Tooheys Brewing
University of NSW
Victoria Police - Major Fraud Squad
Victoria University
Wendys Supa Sundaes
West Australian Newspapers
Western Australia Police