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WHOS-IN Pro 2012 In Out Board

Certified for Win 7 / 32 and 64 bit.   Compatibility TESTED with Windows 8 (32 bit)
NOTE: WHOS-IN is not a Metro Style App with Gestures etc.

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WHOS-IN Pro 2012 is THE multi-award winning, easy-to-use, in-out board for businesses and organizations that would like to know who's in and who's out of the office. (or as several forward thinking families are doing, using it at HOME!)

WHOS-IN Pro is ideal for receptionists (and anyone else on your LAN) because there is no more time wasted checking a wall-mounted Office Board to see if someone is In, Out, or at Lunch... all the information you need is presented on screen in an easy to read format. Best of all, the 5 user version is FREEWARE. No nag screens, no disabled features, no time limitations - you can use it forever at absolutely no cost! What's more, we also offer 100% free support (even for the freeware version)!

Takes you to the WHOS-IN Pro download page

Need to test WHOS-IN Pro with 20, 50, 100, 1000 or even 5000 users? Simply submit a request for a timed trial, and we will email you a temporary 30 day expiring serial number.

Easy to use interface - no training required !
WHOS-IN Pro runs with all versions of Windows from WinXP up.
This style interface is also displayed on older versions of Windows.

Low per-user cost:

WHOS-IN is only AU$10 per user (plus Goods & Services Tax for Australian users). This is a ONCE ONLY fee. Once you have purchased, you NEVER have to purchase it again. The price includes 12 months of free updates, and lifetime free support via email.


Long Term Stability:

Since March 1995, WHOS-IN has achieved well over 2,000,000 downloads, and with over 800,000 registered users, this makes WHOS-IN Pro the world's most popular in out board - taking over from the Novell product (previously known as Futurus Whereabouts before Novell bought them out) which is no longer available. Yes, there are many imitators out there, but if you want the original and the best, you've come to the right place.

Why use WHOS-IN ?

Having a snapshot or 'status view' of your co-workers whereabouts makes it possible to give better information to callers, and avoid putting telephone calls through to employees who are not at their desks. WHOS-IN Pro also reduces wasted time when an employee needs to find a co-worker, further improving your office productivity.

Easy to use:

Setting your (or someone else's) status is VERY simple, fast, and intuitive, ensuring that the program will be used consistently. A simple 'Out to Lunch' notification requires as little as one mouse-click, and you are on your way. WHOS-IN Pro can also set your Status to IN when the program starts, and OUT when it shuts down, which furtherenhances its ease-of-use, and gives the added benefit that people don't need to remember to update their own status at these times. (You can also set this up in your Network Login Script)

Pop-Up Alerts:

New in the Pro version is a 'Status Alert' system which can inform you when a co-worker returns to the office - an invaluable aid if you urgently need to see or speak to someone.

Takes you to the WHOS-IN Pro download page

Remote Branches:

WHOS-IN Pro can also access remote copies in branch offices across your high-speed (T-1+ preferred) Wide Area Network, allowing you to examine the status of people at an interstate or inter-city location. Imagine the time & money saved in long distance phone calls if you already know someone is 'On Vacation' for example. Equally, there's no need to restrict the use of WHOS-IN Pro to just people either... You can just as easily keep tabs on Vehicles, Laptops, Cell Phones, Meeting Rooms, or just about any other item you care to think of - the potential uses are almost limitless.

Highly configurable:

WHOS-IN Pro is designed to be easy to use, however it is also highly configurable, with user defined colored 'Status' buttons on the ToolBar, Groups / Departments, custom company logo for the background (possible, but not recommended), system & user access levels, and much much more. We also encourage user feedback, and incorporate new features ASAP. At least 90% of what you see in WHOS-IN Pro today is the direct result of user suggestions made over the last 16+ years.

Just some of our many thousands of clients

We are sure that WHOS-IN Pro will please you, as it already does for the 800,000+ existing users worldwide. Many high profile companies from all over the world rely on WHOS-IN to keep track of employee whereabouts, and you can too.

Secure on your Network:

Unlike web based In Out Boards, WHOS-IN sits on your own server, thereby reducing or eliminating the risk of people hacking in to your data, as it might be on a 'hosted' system. It also negates the effect of a hosted system going off-line, or even closing down - taking your data with it. You also don't have to contend with the Internet bandwidth concerns, or paying for excess usage. With our software, YOU HAVE CONTROL.

Key Features & Benefits:

  1. Improves customer service - no more clients waiting on hold while the receptionist (or anyone else on the network) locates the requested person.
  2. Status Alerts inform you when people return to the office.
  3. Send Post-It™ style notes between users.
  4. Colored buttons indicate user Status.
  5.  Transaction Log, keeps a history of Status Changes (OFF by default, ADMIN option to enable).
  6. Add your own Status Types.
  7. Links to our WYWO (While You Were Out) software (sold separately).
  8. Groups / Departments allow segmenting people into their own areas.
  9. Not limited to tracking people - You can also use WHOS-IN Pro for monitoring Vehicles, Meeting Rooms, Notebooks, Cell Phones, or anything else you like.
  10. Links to MS-Exchange compatible mail systems (e.g. Outlook) allowing you to create email messages to one or more people in one easy step.
  11. Roaming user profiles - Allows you to use WHOS-IN Pro no matter which PC you log in from (utilizes your network login script).
  12. Allows multiple people to share a single PC (simultaneously).
  13. Auto login & logout can update your status whenever Windows Opens or closes.
  14. Uses MS Access format database (Access not required).
  15. Ascending / descending column sorting.
  16. Supports connecting to branch office servers via high-speed WAN.
  17. Ultra efficient network bandwidth utilization - virtually no impact on traffic.
  18. Small code size (program is around 1.5MB)
  19. Group Change feature allows you to update the status of many people with just a few mouse clicks.
  20. Fast In / Out / Busy and custom buttons for single mouse click status change.
  21. Many years of stability... WHOS-IN development began Nov 1994, and was first released April 1995. It continues to be refined and improved.
  22. Runs with all 32bit versions of Microsoft Windows from 2000 up Including Win 7 and Win 8).
  23. Ideal for Citrix & MTS users (only a single 'folder' to publish).

How much does WHOS-IN Pro cost?

The 5 user version is 100% FREE... However if you wish to expand, the full version is AU$10.00 (+GST) per user (or item) entered into the database.
NOTE: The FIRST 5 users or items of a registered version are NOT free.
This is not a misprint, the price really is that low. Just to put that into perspective, compare WHOS-IN Pro to the price of say a Hamburger, Fries & Soda ! Is it good value? We certainly think it is, and so do thousands of our satisfied clients. Here's what Extron Electronics had to say...

You have a great product. We used to have our own custom In/Out board written in Visual Basic, but we abandoned it when I came across WHOS-IN. Since programming is not our thing, keeping up with all the needs and technology changes was too much of a pain. WHOS-IN is essential for not only our call center but other support areas as well. Finding the right person quickly and knowing their availability is an essential way we conduct business. We are very excited about the new features and functionality of the latest release which makes an already user-friendly program that much more intuitive.
Ivan Perez, VP of Information Technologies. Extron Electronics, Anaheim, California, USA.

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