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Hudson Software runs on 100% green power! With our solar panels, we generate more power than we use (and make a substantial profit) !


New for 2012: How to save 50% on your new WHOS-IN server license.

A crossgrade discount is a discount provided as an incentive to switch from a competing or legacy product. Traditionally at Hudson Software we have not offered crossgrade discounts, instead focusing more on new sites rather than cannibalizing competitors. As a software driven organization, we see such tactics as possibly a bit too "marketing heavy"! However, things are a little different today. Software is now a mature industry and there are dozens of products that have dropped by the wayside over the years, and are either not actively developed or supported, showing their age, or too expensive to maintain. Up to 20% of our sales and much higher in some segments (such as on old Novell sites) come to Hudson Software from a legacy In/Out Board. Hudson Software is usually their first choice as we are the modern solution, and still under development: The solution that supports all the cool stuff like Windows 8, all as as standard, and with unlimited lifetime support (via email).

We are now offering a 50% crossgrade discount for competing and legacy applications.
These can include, but are not limited to the following: (last known year of production in brackets)

  • BC In Out Board (2010)
  • Check-In Check-Out (2008)
  • Clock In (2004)
  • Cybermatrix In Out Scheduler (????)
  • EIOBoard (2003)
  • Futurus Whereabouts / Reach 7 (1996)
  • Glassbead In Out Board (2000)
  • iC Client (2003)
  • Novell In Out Board (1996)
  • Office Board (2000)
  • Office Status (????)
  • Office View (????)
  • Out 'n About (????)
  • Pentacle IOB (2010)
  • Ryans In Out Board (????)
  • SceduLAN (2008)
  • SignIn (2004)
  • Staff Tracker (2005)
  • Status View (2000)

  • Our normal price is AU$10 per user. Crossgrade price is just AU$5 per user ! This includes 12 months of updates, and unlimited support (via email) for LIFE! This is no idle promise either - we have been in business since 1994, and WHOS-IN has been around since 1995.

    If you feel you are eligible, and a crossgrade discount would help convince your organization's budget holders to approve the conversion, please contact us. We'll normally ask for some proof (such as a screen-shot) that you are currently running a legacy solution or competing product.

    You can order using a special Crossgrade Order Page located HERE (after we have verified your eligibility).