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Hudson Software runs on 100% green power! With our solar panels, we generate more power than we use (and make a substantial profit) !


Why do we give away our 5 user WHOS-IN Pro, and 3 user WYWO software for FREE? The answer is simple.... PROMOTION!
This is not 'too good to be true' it really *IS* true !

We want you to try the fully functioning versions (not crippled or a demo) in your own office at your own pace. There are no tricks, no pressure, you see if the software is up to the task for yourself. Then, if you later decide you would like to expand to cover more users, come back to us and purchase a larger license. If you decide NOT to upgrade, the software is yours to keep, forever... at NO CHARGE!

If you need to test WHOS-IN Pro with more than the free 5 users, we can supply you with a 30 day TIMED TRIAL.

What's more, we also offer unlimited FREE support (via email) for all our software (including the free versions).

Please choose a product to download:

WHOS-IN Pro ... In-Out Board for Windows.

WYWO 4.4 ... While You Were Out - Telephone Message Pad replacement software.